A Conviction In Search of A Crime


Why the Democrats Can Not Afford To Stop Attacking President




The Embarrassment

As we Republicans are aware, the Democrats were horrified and embarrassed at the conclusion of the 2016 Presidential election when it was apparent that Donald John Trump, a middle class kid who became a billionaire; had succeeded in pulling off what every political pundit in the United States swore to be impossible. As my grandfather would have stated it, they were “Butt Hurt”. Then President Elect Trump toppled what was to be a 16 year or greater dynasty for the Democratic Party, steadfastly working toward the goal of electing the first woman president immediately following the first black president. A Grade A coup by any standard, they never saw it coming despite the fact that most of us in what I call the “Real America” knew to be the truth, that Hillary Clinton would NEVER be the President of The United States.

To hear her narrative of her defeat, it was the former FBI Director James Comey, or the Russian government colluded with Donald Trump, or hackers that deftly broke into the electronic voting machines and changed the votes, or any number of other crack pot conspiracy theories that she has paraded out to Democrats in interviews and her “Tell All” book which she promised would explain why she lost the election. Unfortunately for her and for the Democratic Party, none of those theories are accurate or even close to the truth. The truth is that she lost the election because she is a cold, calculating, manipulative, treasonous criminal who believed that she was above the law and therefore untouchable. She was wrong.


My Epiphany and My Outrage

It became clear to me in July of 2016 while driving through the back roads of Maryland on a day out with my wife that Hillary Clinton would not win. The revelation came to me by witnessing the unbelievable number of Trump campaign signs that I saw in nearly every residential front yard and storefront from Hagerstown south to Frederick and east to Baltimore. I recall telling my wife “based on the unbelievable number of Trump supporters we have seen and the conspicuous absence of any signs supporting Clinton, I have a feeling that Trump will win the election.” Let me be clear that despite the timing of that realization I had long since made up my mind that I would NEVER, EVER, cast a vote for Hillary Clinton or for that matter any other Democrat in any election again in my lifetime; and up until 2016 I had never voted for a Republican. I made that decision based upon the evidence put before me in the media that Hillary Clinton had not only committed but also admitted to the act of violating federal law and allowing classified material to be stolen and transferred to enemies of my country. She ADMITTED to it! This became a very large source of anger and frustration to me as well as most other people I know because she committed a federal offense punishable by up to 25 years in federal prison, admitted it in public, and nothing…… Not even the damn crickets! No charges, no condemnation from her party, no admonishment or real investigation by the White House, Department of Justice, FBI, or CIA. Nothing. Zero response. Nada.

The reason that this criminal Hillary Clinton not being charged and thrown in prison for 25 years pisses me off so much is that I know many people who work in the intelligence community and in law enforcement. I know people who work for the NSA, Nasa, FBI, DOJ, and even one that works for a Democratic Senator on the hill, and every one of them without fail unanimously stated that had they committed the same crime, they would have been immediately stripped of their security clearance, escorted off of government property in handcuffs, investigated, convicted, and sentenced to federal prison for a very long time. So why was this not the case with an admitted traitor to the United States of America? Why wasn’t she being arrested? She was being protected from prosecution by the deep state and the Obama administration. Period. The fix was in, the game was rigged, and the house ALWAYS wins. The DNC, Obama Whitehouse, FBI, and Department of Justice were corrupt and part of a back room deep state plot to protect Clinton from the scandal and see to it that come hell or high water, she would follow Obama into the oval office. Thank God for small miracles. I cannot, nor would I ever want to even imagine what sort of state this country would be in 18 months into a Hillary presidency. Frankly as President Trump so eloquently put it, this country would be an “Open Border, Communist, Welfare State” AKA “A Sh#t Hole”. I am rambling, I know and I digress.

The Deep State, Media Madness, and Expensive Lies

Back to the point of this Op-Ed, since the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the entire Democratic Party and for that matter the entire “Left” has gone mad with fevered dreams of Russian Collusion, Campaign misdeeds, and so many other absolutely absurd, and farfetched mass delusions that those of us that have not become part of the “Sheep-le”, hanging on every venomous barb spewed forth from the unethical and unprofessional main stream media like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC; that the sheer weight of the pile of discarded theory carcasses has become almost too crushing for a person of sound mind to grasp or comprehend. The first conspiracy theory came even before President Trump was elected. As “Citizen Trump” was in the process of becoming “Candidate Trump”, the Obama Whitehouse, Clinton campaign officials, a former British intelligence operative by the name of Christopher Steele, at least two high level FBI agents, the former director of the FBI James Comey, Fusion GPS, and Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, were working to fabricate and establish credibility for the narrative of “Collusion with the Russians” against then Candidate Donald Trump.


They did all of this while at the exact same time, THEY were falsifying documents, destroying evidence, and obstructing justice to hide the fact that the head of the Clinton campaign had participated in election crimes by falsifying election results within their own party primary to steal the Democratic Party nomination from the another candidate and hijacking the DNC for the purpose of using the committee funds as a slush fund to pay a company named Fusion GPS, a Washington D.C. political strategy think tank founded by three former Wall Street Journal employees. Fusion, in turn, subcontracted with Christopher Steele, a retired MI-6 operator who claimed to have considerable expertise on Russian matters, to use his unnamed secret sources in Moscow to produce derogatory information about then Candidate Trump, his campaign staff, and to try to establish connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That led to the “Steele’s dossier” which was intentionally produced in the style of an intelligence report and based on un-confirmable accusations from unnamed sources. Steele then shopped around the dossier to the mainstream media during the fall of 2016, but they made little, or in some cases absolutely no effort, to confirm any of the accusations made in the document. Late in 2016 Steele, in a calculated effort coordinated with the DNC and the Clinton campaign, submitted the document with the FBI, where unfortunately it was taken seriously due to Steele’s record as an intelligence professional with MI-6. The document full of unsubstantiated claims was then used by the FBI under James Comey, and the U.S. Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.


This is where things start to get particularly sticky from the perspective of obstruction and “color of law”. You see, the “Color of Law” statutes are specifically intended to prevent intelligence and law enforcement officials from using the tools at their disposal, as a means to investigate, indict, or use the law as a weapon against a rival, personal enemy, or political opponent. They were put into place specifically to prevent corruption and the ability for a legal professional or law enforcement official from using their nearly unlimited powers of arrest and conviction as a weapon which is exactly what happened in this case. High level FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counsel Lisa Page, whom exchanged more than 50,000 text messages on the subject including making plans for an emergency backup contingency in the event that Trump was elected; in cooperation with The DNC, Clinton Campaign officials, and Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, were all complicit in the deep state plan to obstruct a federal investigation through dereliction of duty and exonerate Hillary Clinton despite the overwhelming evidence (Not to mention her confession during several interviews) to prevent candidate Trump from becoming President Elect Trump and eventually President Trump. Thankfully they were all inept and failures.

So then of course we come to the point that according to sources who had access to the FISA court proceedings, the warrant that was signed by the court to surveil President Trump and his campaign staff was heavily based upon the information contained in what amounts to a file full of BS made up by a former British spy that had thirteen million reasons (He was paid $13,000,000.00 by the DNC through Fusion GPS) to make up whatever he thought that his true employer Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration wanted to have as an “Insurance Policy” in the event that it became apparent that Donald Trump would pose any risk or challenge to the criminal dynasty that they sought to create.


The Final Analysis

In the end, it all comes down to four reasons. Reasons that preclude the Democrats from ever being willing or able to stop attacking President Trump or spreading lies through the main stream media.


  • If the Democrats ever stop attacking President Trump, they will be forced to admit that they were wrong. They will never do this. They are morally and ethically incapable of admitting that they made a mistake. They continue to push the narrative that they maintain the moral and ethical high ground. The fact is that they are so far from being on the high ground and so deep in the lies that they have propagated throughout the mainstream media, that if it ever came to light that they knowingly spread false information to cover up the crimes of the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee; most if not all of them would face unpleasant political repercussions, and they can’t have that because the only thing that actually matters to Democrats is remaining in power.


  • If they ever admitted they were wrong, they would have to face possible prosecution due to the fact that many of them materially and through depravity or inaction supported a criminal administration under Barack Obama. An administration that spat in the face of the U.S. Constitution and treated our military like garbage and deemed them to be an expendable asset to be discarded when they saw fit or when it was necessary to ensure that they continued to profit from the back room deals and secret agreements that they made with rouge international states like Iran and North Korea. Nobody believes that anyone in the Obama administration actually thought that ignoring the billions in illegally gained funds that the North Koreans were dumping into the nuclear program being hidden in plain sight while the people subjected to the communist supported dictatorship starved, or giving Iran billions of dollars in U.S. “Aid” that even a complete idiot could have deduced would be used to fund terrorist operations and used to fund the militant arms of the Iranian government, Hamas and ISIS was the right thing to do.


  • They would be forced to admit that they stood by and did nothing while Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee violated nearly EVERY election law on the books by rigging the Democratic primary to ensure that Hillary Clinton would be nominated as the Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential election and thereby effectively killing any chance the Democrats had at winning the election.


  • They would be forced to admit that they supported an admitted criminal who committed federal offenses that encompassed:


  • Treason for facilitating the dissemination of classified material to enemies of the United States (punishable by death).


  • Theft of classified material (Life without parole).


  • Illegal storage and transmittal of classified material (10-25 years).


  • Making false or misleading statements to a federal agent (5-15 years).


  • Obstruction of justice (2-7 years).


  • Destruction of evidence (3-10 years).


That’s not even including the racketeering which could Clinton and many others could be convicted under the RICO Act (punishable by up to life without parole), due to the fact that she, her campaign staff, members of the FBI, members of the Obama administration, and members of the DNC, all conspired to commit criminal acts in anticipation of mutual financial and political benefit. As an exercise in math, at a minimum, Clinton and many others could have and may still face a minimum of 73 years in federal prison if they are convicted on every count and sentenced to the minimum sentences.    

The bottom line is that they will never admit that they are just as culpable as the guiltiest among them for ignoring the facts and failing to take action to prevent crimes against the United States. They are forced to continue to distract the public from the awful truth until they can figure out a way to slip a Democratic candidate into the Oval Office which will allow them to continue to process of destroying any remaining evidence and silencing anyone who speaks out against them. They wont be satisfied until this country is a Communist state where the subjects have no rights and are indentured to the government to meet even the most basic needs of thier families. A sad state of affairs any way you slice it but that is just my opinion. What is yours?

Tom Heike is a member of the Republican party, a supporter of the Constitution, a Gun Owner and enthusiast, A member of the NRA, and all around Deplorable American....And DAMN PROUD OF IT.

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