When you are running a team, you don't exactly want contentious relationships or potentially contentious ones to give people any kind of ammunition to say that you are not a coesive unit.

Something has been going on that we as people not in the Trump Administration simply may no know about.

President Trump has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and will nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him.

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Trump announced via Twitter that Pompeo will do "a fantastic job," and that Gina Haspel will become the new CIA director.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Trump asked Tillerson to step aside on Friday. Tillerson thus cut his trip to Africa short to return to Washington.

Pompeo will have to be nominated and approved by the Senate before he can take Tillerson's spot in the government. Republicans can approve anyone they want in the Senate as long as they stick together, and Pompeo was confirmed for his current post in a 66-32 vote.

Tillerson's ouster ends a tumultuous year for him in Foggy Bottom, where an ambitious plan to redesign the State Department never reached fruition and where the top U.S. diplomat often found himself at odds with Trump's foreign policy instincts.

In July, a visibly uncomfortable Tillerson was forced to hold a press conference to defend his boss after he was accused of calling Trump a "moron" during a Pentagon meeting earlier last spring. He never explicitly denied using the derogatory name to describe the president, but the State Department press spokeswoman did.

In October, the president publicly chided Tillerson for "wasting his time" by pursuing diplomatic talks with North Korea. But earlier this week, Trump agreed to meet with country's leader Kim Jong Un by May. Last fall, Trump challenged Tillerson to an IQ test, and suggested he would score higher than his secretary of state.

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  • This is one of three firings that I think we all saw coming. Next in line are McMaster and Sessions. 

    I think it was pretty evident early on that Tillerson was in over his head. It is also pretty amazing how far apart he and Trump were on some of the key issues. I wish Trump had vetted him a bit better in that regard, but he is definitely learning as he goes. His second round of appointments seem to be a far better fit than the first. 

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Has anything been done to Scott Israel,for not doing his job?
It's not about guns. It's about local officials that would not engage or intervene because of a deliberate policy put in place to secure federal funding.;
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Andrew McCabe may have revealed to his inner circle an inside plan to replace his friend James Comey as FBI director if and when Hillary Clinton was elected president of the United States, according to top officials in the Justice Department.

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