Historical figures like Martin Luther King belong to all of us, no matter what color we are. 

When you look at the Jim Crow laws of the south that were in effect until various points in the 1960s before the passing of the Civil Rights Act, they affected people of all races and colors.

For example, there have been several cases of white men documented in some southern states that were fined and threatened with jail for eating at lunch counters that were speficially sectioned off for black customers.

Martin Luther King is for all men, women and children...NO EXCEPTIONS

Far too often, we see examples of liberals refusing to participate in debates using facts and reason.

They don’t debate on the merits and they don’t debate using statistics. Instead, they turn to name calling and dishonesty. In the abortion argument, you’ll often hear Democrats say that men can’t participate in the conversation because they aren’t women.

They will argue that white people can’t have an opinion on race relations because they aren’t a minority.

Those aren’t arguments. It’s nothing more than identity politics and it’s meant to further divide us against each other. It’s extremely counter-productive.

The latest example comes courtesy of Roland Martin. He’s one of the most unbearable talking heads on television and during an argument with a white conservative on MSNBC recently he literally told her that she isn’t allowed to quote Martin Luther King.

From BizPac Review: “My thoughts are largely that the most important thing is the content of our character and what’s in our heads and our ideas and our thought, not the color of our skin,” Grossman, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush answered. “So whether or not you have racial diversity in that intern class. I would argue probably you have a lot more diversity in terms of political viewpoints because President Trump’s election has really stirred things up.”

“Please don’t quote [Dr. Martin Luther King],” Martin interjected, displaying a familiar stance where some black Americans claim exclusive ownership of King’s legacy.

“I will quote him!” an irritated Grossman fired back. “Do you want to have more of a debate on race?”

“You’re kind of politically-correct bullying of people on racism is not going to work,” she continued, wagging her finger in the air. “So, I will quote Dr. Martin Luther King every single day. And you won’t stop me.”

Here’s the full segment.

If that’s not racist then what is?

Dr. King spent his entire life trying to make sure we are all on an equal playing field. Do you think he would be happy with someone being told to shut up because of their race? Do you think his goal was for white people to never be allowed to talk about his work?

Of course not. But that’s how Democrats seem to operate today. Race over everything. It’s not only disgusting but it’s antithetical to what Dr. King was all about.

Sadly, this is what Roland Martin is all about now. Race baiting. The vast majority of the time Martin’s name is in the news it’s because he’s lecturing someone about race or complaining about race.

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