Hillary Clinton is a direct to DVD sequel. That's about the best way to describe her.

Nobody wanted her when she was in the theaters but the Democrats keep trotting her out to keep making speeches as if she is actually going to run again in 2010. 

Former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that she would not go away and stop talking about her concerns about President Donald Trump, despite the noise from critics who want her off the public stage.

During a paid speech at Rutgers University, Clinton was asked by the moderator to respond to the critics who wanted her to “get off the public stage and shut up.”

“They never said that to any man who wasn’t elected,” she said, as the audience applauded. She accused the media of leading the charge of asking that question, pointing out that it was sexist. She pointed out that Al Gore continued talking about climate change after he lost the election and John Kerry became Secretary of State and John McCain returned to the Senate after he lost to Obama.

“For heaven’s sake, Mitt Romney is running for Senate,” she added with a laugh.

Clinton said that she was committed to speaking out and having a voice in the modern political debate, despite losing to President Donald Trump.

“You won’t be surprised to hear me say that I have some concerns,” she said. “I think we need to all be talking about it, not just me but every one of us needs to be speaking up and taking part.”

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