I have always been of the beleif that if someone supposedly does you wrong that you should let everyone know immediately.


Now, here's the thing with this Stormy Daniels situation. You would think that in a world where all of this crap was true that she would have said something about it during the election.

Why, over a year into Trump's first term does she comes out with this ridiculous claim?

The media has been all over the claims of Stormy Daniels that she had an affair with President Donald Trump some twelve years ago.

They have basically accepted the claims uncritically (unlike the way they approached claims against people like former president Bill Clinton) and without questioning her veracity. This despite the fact that she has admitted that she lied more than once on the subject.

Despite that, they’ve given her major coverage and even interviewed her on “60 Minutes” again without demanding or her producing any evidence to support her position.

During that interview, she spoke of a man who supposedly threatened her in a parking lot telling her to remain silent about the alleged affair.

That caught the attention of conservative host Steve Malzberg. Mazberg said not only didn’t he think that the Stormy matter was hurting Trump, he thought it was helping Trump.

From Conservative Tribune: “When the center of attention becomes a porn star accusing the president really of nothing. It was consensual. She did it because she wanted to. He treated her kindly,” he continued. “The Playboy model said the same thing. She was in love with him. I mean, people don’t want to see this trash.”

“And the double standard is insane,” Malzberg stated. “First of all, Stormy Daniels said she lied. She signed an affidavit. She admitted she lied. She lied. She lied. She lied. And now she says she was threatened in a parking lot. She told Anderson Cooper, ‘If I see that guy again I’ll know exactly who he is.’ Challenge: Go to a sketch artist. Describe him. And let’s see it now. I’ll pay for it.” 

He obviously didn’t put a lot of credibility in her story.

And that’s the thing.

If in fact someone threatened her and that’s why she stayed silent, why is she speaking now? Doesn’t Trump have more power now than he did then when this deal was originally cut? Isn’t he a more fearsome figure now?

And if this was a deal with Trump, why didn’t he sign it? That claim actually militates against his involvement.

Malzberg is willing to put up the money to put her to the test.

And he doesn’t think members of Congress have a lot to say on the matter, given that they set up a secret slush fund that paid for their secret harassment allegations out of taxpayer monies, a scandal for which they still really haven’t been held to account.

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