One of the things that people need to understand about any kind of confiscation legislation is that they can always try to use it against people that have done nothing wrong and have committed no crime.

Once it's on the books, they can always find a way of using it for a hateful means.

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida massacre, a small number of states have passed “red flag laws” in order to seize guns before people can commit any more acts of violence.

The states who have passed these laws include California, Washington, Oregon, Indiana and Connecticut.

The five states now have the ability to to temporarily take away guns from people who deem a threat to themselves or others.

The type of circumstances that allow a judge to confiscate a gun and order gun restrictions may include mental illness, escalating threats, substance abuse and domestic violence.

So far lawmakers in 18 other states, including Florida, have proposed similar “red flag” measures. The left explains that the state gun laws main purpose for red flag laws is to seize guns from those who have them and to keep them from becoming a threat. The gun laws include a backgrounded check and actions to prevent dangerous people from buying firearms." sizes="(max-width: 616px) 100vw, 616px" srcset=" 300w,"> 768w,"> 1024w" alt="" width="394" height="279" />

According to breitbart: Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) used an April 2 Fox News Live appearance to announce that she is preparing to introduce legislation to create a federal law allowing firearm confiscation orders.

Such laws, generally referred to as Extreme Risk Protection Orders, are already in place in California, Indiana, Oregon, and other states, and Dingell believes the ability to seize firearms is crucial for pubic safety.

During live broadcast Dingell said, “Rep. Fred Upton (R) and I are looking at introducing … legislation … at the national level.” She added, “I grew up in a home where a man shouldn’t have had access to a gun, and I remember some very frightening moments, and there was ability to deal with it. A family who knows that someone in their family could be a danger to themselves or to others needs to have tool that they can take that gun away.”

Dingell stressed that seizure of firearms must occur in a way that protects due process, but she did not explain how such protection is possible. In California an order to take guns can be issued without the gun owner even knowing. And in Indiana, the state on which Dingell is basing her federal legislation, individuals who have their guns seized have approximately 14 days to go to court to “make a case” to get them back.

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