the act of pardoning someone who has committed a crime is one of those interesting powers that we give to governors and our heads of state.

They are the few people in the entire country that can for lack of a better term, tell someone that they aren't in trouble any more.

That's all well and good if you have someone that committed a crime and they are citizens.

Why the heck would you pardon someone whose very being in the United States is a crime in itself?

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to criticize California Governor Jerry Brown for pardoning five illegal aliens for other crimes.

The governor had not yet responded as of Monday morning.

On Friday, the governor announced 56 pardons and 14 commutations. Five of those were granted to illegal aliens, which might not prevent their deportation but will probably make it less likely.

Two of the five arrived in the U.S. as refugees. One of those refugees also served in the U.S. Army Reserve — but was also convicted in 2002 of “inflicting corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant and threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize,” both of which are misdemeanors according to the Washington Post.

Fox News’ Ed Henry also criticized Gov. Brown for pardoning people who had committed more serious crimes, the Post noted: “He wants to show mercy … But show mercy toward people who maybe have committed a misdemeanor and are now rehabbed. If they’re dealing drugs to our children, these are not the folks you want to pardon.”

Trump’s criticism is the latest salvo in a war of words — and legal actions — between the State of California and the Trump administration. The U.S. Department of Justice sued the state over its “sanctuary” laws last month, and several local governments in California are joining the lawsuit.

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