Want to tell you all a little story that I was able to witness about twenty years ago that just about sums up what you are about to see here.

A friend from the service and I were in a bar one evening and this woman walked up to him looking every bit like she had fallen out of the tree of self awareness and began hitting on my married friend.

Now, my friend was and still is extrmeely faithful to his wife and his only interest that evening was having a beer and watching the baseball game that was on the television in the bar.

He told the woman politely that he was married and she then asked if he was worried that his wife would get jealous. Without missing a beat he looked at her and said, "my wife jealous of you? Lady, do not flatter yourself," and walked away.

People automatically look for reasons that are not there all the time to explain why something happened. With Hillary Clinton, it's that she crapped out on the biggest state of the world...

The new reboot of ‘Roseanne’ has been a massive ratings hit.

Many believe that a large part of this is due to the fact that the lead actress is a Trump supporter.

This is a welcome change to what we normally see on television. However, not everyone on the show is Trump friendly.

Actress Sandra Bernhard went on MSNBC and discussed “white women for Trump”, arguing that the only reason a white woman would vote outside their race and sex is because they were jealous.

“Can’t understand it. Don’t know where it comes from… I think it’s a couple of issues. I think it’s being either under the thumb of your husband or, for the election, it was being so offended by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s legacy that you turned on her,” she said.

“Or feeling inadequate, feeling like how can somebody be so educated? How can somebody who brought themselves up from their experience and gone to the top, educated herself, fought for rights, civil rights, and equality. And I think that is threatening to a lot of women,” said Bernhard.

“A lot of women have compromised, given in, raised their kids and not had the luxury of being able to think for themselves. When you sacrifice that in your life and say ‘I don’t think I’m going to lean on somebody else financially,’ that means you’ve got to get up every day and go work. I am not saying that none of these women work. Of course they do. But you also — there’s just those little gradations of how you look at other women and the sort of feeling you have of inadequacy,” said Bernhard. Wow.

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