Are men becoming obsolete?

The liberal spokesperson on the Tucker Carlson Hour explained that they are beginning the promotion to eliminate ANY referrance to a 'man' in their English language.  For example, the city named Manchester will have to change the name of the city, manage to overseer, manuscript to a collection of associated words, etc. You get the point.  My opinion is the liberals are the type of _ _ _ ic which has _ _ _ ifest itself as misleading, and they have _ _ _ aged to develop a new word for stupid and uncaring and that is 'liberal progressive.' Wo_ _ _ are trying to start a war against _ _ _. Hey, if you can't join them beat them. Just more ridiculous liberal _ _ _ ure left over from the odama regime. That is the type of things he accomplished, things like _ _ _ and wo _ _ _ using the same public toilets and doing away with medical care in this nation. Allowing a group of _ _ _ to load and ship over a billion dollars to one of the countries who have promised 'death to America.'  The wussification of men has been evident for several years, but it takes balls to propose and accomplish this latest action.  Or, possibly the lack thereof of our elected representatives in congress.  Just saying.  Are men becoming obsolete, too vulgar and useless?

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  • If you watch where all this talk is coming from about the "man" aspect it is not coming from the center of the United States and where I am from in Oklahoma.

    It seems that the east and west coast areas are hit more with this than here. I think that we the hard working, sweating, bleeding taxpayers of the central states along with others on the east coast are set in stone the "man" is not the problem. It is the weak minded cry babies that must take responsibility for their actions that cannot accept anything that is associated with the male species that are not submissive to the whims of the weak.

    This entire oxymoron of a concept is a joke because who do they call upon to do the manual labor work or trades works that they cannot do? The men that can do it.

  • According to the left "Man" is the root of all of their problems. MANic Depression, MENstral Cramps, etc.

    • thats why there called libtards they dont know any better

    • I think what's scarier is that some of them do know better and still decide to go with the crowd. It's the same reason you have these people that are trying to get famous on YouTube or something by seeing how long they can hold their arm on the burner of a hot stove...

  • The idea of changing words that have man as the prefix in them is absolutely ridiculous. Now, there are times when not using the default prefix makes sense "The Gentlelady from insert state here" when someone is yeilding time in Congress for example. However, I was waiting to pick someone up an an airport a couple of years ago and there was a conversation between two guys talking about a one sided fight they had witnessed where one of them said that the guy was being manhandled. Almost as if on cue a complete stranger was walking past and said, "If it wasn't a man you shouldn't use the term manhandled." Give me a break...

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