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Hey Everyone, a lot of you remember the days before smart phones and tablets where you actually had to pick up this giant brick made of several hundred pieces of paper called a book. Even though a lot of reading has transferred over to electronic tablets which do thankfully allow a person to hold every book you could ever want into something the size of a deck of cards in some cases. 

That being said, let's talk some books. What's your favorite book and why?

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  • There was one that I first read around 2001 that I picked up in an airport called Newjack. It was an investigative journalist that wanted to shadow a New York State DOC guard from the academy all the way through to their first year as a corrections officer. He got denied by the DOC to be allowed to shadow someone, so he actually went through the academy and became a corrections officer for a year spending most of his time working at the infamous Sing Sing prison. 

    Was a very fascinating peek into what things are like on both sides of the fence so to speak when it comes to prisons.

  • Just got done reading Let Trump be Trump. I loved the book. Bossie and Lewendowski are two brave men and true patriots. They went to the mat so many times during this past presidential campaign helping President Trump win. They both told their personal family stories which the reader will find extremely hearwarming.I believed it to be sincere and truthful. Difficult to fund that these days.

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