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Friends, We The People have been in a serious deficiency of good movies for a good long time now. If it isn't a movie that's got money in it from a pervert or someone trying to jam liberal hogwash down your throat at every possible turn it's made the movie watching experience a real pain these last so many years.

It wasn't always that was though. Movies used to be about entertaining and letting you escape from the world for a couple of hours without having to be innundated with people trying to cram their beliefs down your throat. So, let's talk movies. GOOD movies.

I'll jump in the pool first. My personal favorite film is Clint Eastwood's Escape From Alcatraz...

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  • I am a old westrrn guy so anything with the Duke John Wayne is prefered and also the Lonesome Dove series.

  • Dead Man was a touching movie and really would make me mad how people were really mean in jail. I know the most liked people don't end up in prison but if you are not able to fight with the big dogs you get eaten alive. But I cried through most of the movie

  • Hey, here's one that just popped into my head. Been on a binge lately of the old school Universal monster movies from the 30s-40s. Always got a kick out of the original Frankenstein. What's everyone's favorite old time horror movie?

  • Love eastwood but I am also a fan of anything by Tarrentino. He has a special gift for telling stories in a way that I find fascinating. I do miss the days of movies like "Hunt for Red October" and Ghost Busters too :)

  • Big fan of Clin Eastwood movies, my favorite being Gran Torino. Another favorite is 300, The perversion of history is silly, the spartans were a bunch of fascistic thugs, but the underlying message is certainly that civilized nations cannot allow themselves to be overridden by fanatical expansionist barbarians. Interested to hear others. 

    • Oh my, Gran Torino is of mine as well. Another movie that I always thought was amazing was the original Taking of Pehlam 123 with Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw. They remade it about ten years ago with Denzel Washington and John Travolta but it wasn't nearly as good as the original.

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