Do you feel proud of your President?

When Obama was in office I was not proud at all of the President. I had lost all hope in the "American Dream". Then Donald Trump announced he was running for President. I thought heck let me see where he stands on issues. Well I watched a speech and I was instantly impressed. He does not sugar coat anything, tells it like it is. That is what this country needs. We need someone that is not gonna sugar coat anything, no matter how bad it may be we need to know the truth.  We finally have a man in office that will not tolerate people pushing this country around. So yes finally a President that I am 100% prod of!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • II never had a flag in my front yard until Trump was elected. He made me feel like he cared and was trying to do the right thing which he is in spite of all the B.S. Here is a picture of said flag that I hung last year in support of him.

  • Amen Monique, especially since he can't even get his team approved. Looks like the deep state and the Democrats in the Senate are in resist mode.

    • They don't want him to get his team together because they know he would be unstoppable. He is their nightmare!

    • Agreed Don. I have said it before if Donald Trump cured cancer tomorrow in all forms while eating breakfast Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon would spend the next month whining that he took jobs out of the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Daniel you are so correct!

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