Trump has long been comfortable defying conventional Republican policy tenets, working ever since his entry into the 2016 race to pull the party toward him, on trade, on entitlements, on infrastructure and more. The NRA was one of Trump's biggest 2016 supporters, and has seemed taken aback. The group already has pushed back on his call to raise the purchase age for certain guns to 21. If any GOP president could have the ability to test gun control positions without a devastating backlash from his base, it could be this president. Do you think this is hurting his base or do you support Trump taking charge on the situation and not letting outside sources affect his decision. 



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  • Absolutely, NRA members are not the problem.

  • Yes i support president Trump he is doing a great job if he could get some of the people he has to work with to get off there ass’s and do thier jobs he could get alot done.

  • Yes I support President Trump. I may not agree with everything that he puts forward in policy but I do think his heart is in the right place. As a member of the NRA and a Trump supporter I dont have any issue with the President being at odds with the NRA as I also happen to believe that the NRA doesnt always have the best interests of the public at heart but rather the corporations that sponsor them which produce guns. I think that the ideia of making ownership of any gun one of responsibility and the age of 21 is fine with me. I believe that if we are going to do so then we must make everything that involves having or using a gun like military enlistment or being a police officer subjecft to the same age restrictions.

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