• Yes 100% plus and educational system that teaches them a trade. We are lacking if good tradesmen anf women and I firmly believe that this will help strengthen our economy and country and help people feel proud of learning and working.

  • Yes as long as it includes an education program so people can get jobs that can support their families. 

  • One hundred percent, there is so much welfare fraud. Of course there will always be reasons some cannot work, but any able bodied person should do their fair share.

    • Yeah, there needs to be something because there are so many people that game the system on welfare and food stamps that it isn't even funny. Has anyone ever heard what I like to refer to as the "flash mob" scam that takes place at self checkout registers from time to time at places like Walmart?

    • Yes, I see it all the time, its a troubling. They use a wide range of techniques, including slipping extra items through and lying about which items they had.

  • Years ago, when my family needed help.. my husband had to work to help us get food stamps...when he was laid off from work..Welfare found places for work, I think it was 2 days a week... I wish President Trump would have also just made Soda another item not allowed for purchase, along with the Cigs, Tobacco, pet food. I agree with comments that think each recipeant should go through individual reevaluate income and states..


  • I also happen to think that we need a 100% review of every case in the welfare system. We need to hire more case workers, we need to strengthen the requirements and do thorough investigations prior to granting benefits. Im sick of watching $50,000.00 BMW's and Lexus come out of a section 8 development. Many of them get Section 8 to pay for their housing and then they go out and get high end clothing, high end cars, 70" LCD flat screen televisions, Iphones, and more. Then they get food stamps so they can go to the grocery store and buy filet mingon and steak. It is sickening that people who work hard struggle to get by, are honest and pay their bills, and then their tax dollars pay for these freeloading scumbags to live high on the hog.

  • I absolutely do support the requirement of able bodied people on welfare to be required to perform some form of manual labor in order to receive benefits. There is no reason why they should not have to unless they are disabled or not mentally able to do so.

  • Yes. Time to put accountability and self worth back into play in the U.S.A. Working to subsist is a feeling that many entitled have never know. All able bodied adults should work or starve. It would improve morale (sense of accomplishment), improve the country financially and be a tremendous lesson in “work to live” mentality and move us away from a dying entitlement state!

  • Yes. 

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