• I dont believe that he is doing the absolute best that he is capable of doing but I do believe that he is doing the best he can with a bad situation. If President Trump was not stuck in this perpetual cycle of obstructionism and hate from the DemoRats and the liberal scum on the west coast, I truly believe that he would absolutely kill it every day, thats just the type of man he is. He is results driven and doesnt give a damn about personbal politics or political correctness. If you cant do the job, your fired, period. I am hopeful that eventually they will run out of steam and forget about the constant obstructing but I doubt it. If he can do this much with his hands tied, imagine what he could do with both hands free? 

  • Heck yes! God has his hand on Trumps shoulder... How else would you explain the success he's had thus far with all the evil Democrats obstructing at every turn. He's succeeding IN SPITE of those losers. 

  • Absolutely!  He is doing a great job--it is what we Americans elected/hired him to do.  Not only that, but with speed, efficiency, and most importanly econonically!  I will most certainly vote for him again iin 2020!



    • you got that right..just think if we had hitler clinton..this country would be flooded with refuges ..americans would be out of jobs..would be a civil war..all of the tax money would be in her crooket clinton foundation..and marsal law would be inacted..



  • I also voted for him, and so glad that he won! I couldn't!!
    Such a time as this, God knew that we needed him the most!

  • Trump is performing better then i expected him to when i voted for him. It`s a wonderful experience to finally have a president that is for the everyday working people and not in the pocket of special interest groups. Now  all we need is a republican sweep in the midterms to realy get some things done.



  • The country is finally on the right path for the first time in over 20 years.   I do wish congress would do more to support the POTUS agenda and finally do something about Illegal Immigration, but thus far he gets an A+ for his efforts.

  • Yes I do he is doing a better job in the few months the he has been the People's President! Then Obama did in 8 years.. 

  • Awesome job!

  • Nice wall

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