Two projects on the table, which one?

We believe that if we focus on one of these issues, we can make a difference. But we would like to know, what do the people think? If you have another issue that you think is more important it's time for us to talk. There are two issues that we think are very important. Which one of these two issues do you think we should focus on?

Issue one:

Issue two:

Watch both of these videos and tell us which one you believe we should focus on. Or, feel free to add any other issue that you think is more important.


Comment below with your response...

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  • I am a Constitutionalist. I believe the Motor Voter repeal is the higher priority.

  • Drain the swamp that would take care of the illegals they wouldn't be protected anymore they damn sure shouldn't be voting 

  • A difficult choice... For the life of me I can not understand why with all the evidence no one is under investigation, however with proven fake evidence our President and crew are being attacked by the drive bys / fake news losers labeled "Mueller Probe-Investagation. Thank God for History... Obama and crew along with the disgraceful Clintons will be known as State enemy number 1.... 


  • Hard to choose - I think they are both as equally important - DC swamp rats need to go to jail AND we need to have FAIR elections which is the voice of the people - We The People are not being served in both of these issues.

  • I think both are critical issues the need to prosecute and investigate the illegal liberal collusion is extremely high.

    Also the need for voter legal American citizen IDENTIFICATION before the 2018 Nov elections is extremely necessary ( definitely by 2020 Presidential Election)

  • Two for sure!


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