Hello Deplorables and Welcome to the Deplorables Speak Prize Giveaway Group! Right Here is where you will recieve the instructions for each of your prize giveaways.

The First one today will be at 12 noon Eastern time in addition to unnannounced Flash Giveaways that we are going to sprinkle throughout the day!

 The instructions for each drawing along with the prize that will be given away will be in the Forums tab of the group. So look for this: 

Click the tab marked Forum (in between Members and Photos) and look for the Most recent drawing date and time for instructions!

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  • Always need a good coffee cup
  • Everyone remember to come to the Prize Giveaway page and enter in the Sunday afternoon Prize Giveaway!
  • I click on Forum and nothing happens!!!
    • Susan, the newest prize giveaway is not until 3pm Eastern time. If that is the one you came looking for please check back closer to 3pm when that contest goes live. Thanks again!
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