We believe that if we focus on one of these issues, we can make a difference. But we would like to know, what do the people think? If you have another issue that you think is more important it's time for us to talk. There are two issues that we think are very important. Which one of these two issues do you think we should focus on?

Issue one: https://deplorablesspeak.com/videos/it-s-time-for-a-second-special-counsel-into-liberal-collusion

Issue two: https://deplorablesspeak.com/videos/evidence-that-illegals-are-voting

Watch both of these videos and tell us which one you believe we should focus on. Or, feel free to add any other issue that you think is more important.


Comment below and give us your thoughts...

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  • Both, And make it permanent, !
  • Both. No mercy time to clean house all around! go president TRUMP. This family loves you!
  • Both are important , we got to stot the Democratic party from tearing this country apart with there disillusional collusion. They have done and still doing more harm to America then ISIS or any terrorist groups . Letting in all these illegals to vote democratic is disgraceful and illegal .
  • I would think that if going after those that are committing voter fraud and prosecuting them would be a good start. Once we go after them and start making them do jail time or deport them it should come to a fast halt, & I wouldn't be surprised if some big names started to get dropped. Let's start there & drain the swamp.
  • It's going to be an uphill battle, but we need to do BOTH. The elections are flying up on us. We need to stifle the illegal vote AND we need to go after liberal collusion or we will lose valuable people in the next election. We need to just keep hitting the left with one "knockout punch" after the other to keep them off of their game.
  • The liberal attack on our country carries with it a sense of fear and anger. Fear that relates to the number of brainwashed people supporting a socialism ideology and with that they subject our democracy to illegal voters. So the two go hand and hand. Illegals and liberal invasion both cause for alarm.
  • If I had to pick from one of them I would say the idea of illegal aliens voting would be the ting that i would go after the most because you can always vote a liberal politician out but if anyone can get a fake ID saying that they can vote they can always be voted back in..
  • It is almost impossible to pick which one as both are connected to one another. I guess go after the swamp and whoever is left can take care of the immigration crisis.
    • Ok fair enough, how do we get started?
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