Are you a member of the NRA ? Do you agree with the NRA opposition to raising the age of legal long gun ownership to 21?

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  • Opposition is not the NRA, opposition is the liberals wanting to ban guns, and raise age! I say Do not infringe on our rights! All laws on guns should be lifted because they infringe only on the law abiding citizens! Criminals are not obeying laws therefore the law are only put out to make us jump through hoops to buy guns for protection! Criminals do not follow laws! You really think writing on a paper and a way do not do it or you have to do it stops criminals! No! Only other thing laws do is put a name on what they did(crime) so they have a name for the crime committed to charge the criminal with! If people of 18 or younger, or any criminal will veterans underground or on street! How do you think all these young punk gang members get their guns!

  • The constitution was clear! It put the "No Infringements" into the 2 nd Amendment for a reason, one of which is age! There is No Infringements on age because it we are attacked on our soil by foreign or Domestic enemies we will need as many as we can for defence including all ages. As kids were taught while I was growing up to use guns, how, when, why and that was so they could defend their families at home also! Should the father be out fighting of the armies of enemies then the sons at home become the man of household to defend the siblings and mother also if parents were killed or not at home children would know how to defend against home invaders, killers, rapist ect. Guns were never hidden! Hiding them creates curiousity. Teach them very young, No curiousity! There were no mass shootings at schools because kids and teachers carried guns with them to school! To have prot e tion any where at any time to protect! If enemies attack they don't tell us when theywill! They even had gun ranges at schools! We need to start training kids to use guns again! If these mass shootings that have happened at schools lately had trained kids and teachers with guns, they most likely would not had happened or would have been easily stopped before they took so many lives! I say we start training the kids and teachers again. If the kids are trained at young age they learn respect for gun as tool and weapon Only! That is missing in todays society! I was taught at around 7 to shoot riffle! If kids aren't taught and left curiosity and thinking they can get mad at people and just Go kill them, then they will! Criminals do not mind laws/rules! All the gun laws do is suppress good citizens and put out hoops for us to jump through to obtain a weapon which also is costly for the poor to pay for permit and training! No Infringements means No,Infringements! That also means no restriction on types of guns! We multigrain same fire power as an enemy! If we do not have as high of powered weapons then the enemies both foreign and Domestic then they have the advantage over us! We Are our 1st stand at protection because should someone try to kill,rape, rob, ect us the police are not there! A person may not have time to call or a way to call them.! And if enemies foreign or domestic come to harm us, we only have ourselves to protect our families, ourselves and communities! (Enemies can drop from the sky out of planes and not enough police to be at every house!) And same reasons for Our Last stand! We are our last stand of protection should we be attacked! Police take about 20 minuttes to come! By then,we could be dead! Also enemies could be every where, cops and military can Not beat every house! This is how it needs to be worded and explained when talking on the subject! What will people do it enemies call from the sky in many places and we are disarmed or only have little pistols and they have machine guns? We have many enemies who would clock to take us down as soon as we are disarmed high power weapons! Criminals will not hand in weapons and there is no way to confiscate all !! And enemies and government surely won't u vs up their! Without weapons, Our freedom is surely lost and if you give a little, they will want more! Now in other countries where guns were taken, knives are being used, their answer is now take all knives! Really! Wake up fools do not give into none of giving up any part of our weapons of age! We need to train our kids to shoot! A well arms citizen makes a safer country period!

  • This is a Nazi Democrat Playbook when you eliminate one freedom especially this one you take away our freedoms when you raise the age limit to 21 you also need to raise the age limit for voting to join the military, and the Nazi Democrats would love this they would love to destroy America and you're just playing into their hands also it needs to be raised for cell phones driver's license to buy hammer the stupid if you just keeps going on and on and on and to have an abortion

  • The 18yr old single mother living in a not so good neighborhood can wait for the cops to get there.  Teens protest for a ban and teens get banned, good job.  If the adult age is 18 then make it so.  They can drive, own cars, get sued, buy most anything, except a beer and a gun.  Kids, under 18, have been hunting for many years with not porblem until now.  The AR is 60yrs old with few problems until now.  The Bump Stock has had one problem to date.  They have a fix for problems the FBI enabled to happen while the authorites stood byand let happen.  There is an agenda.    

  • Despite the fact that I am an AVID gun collector and shooting enthusiast and I have owned guns since I was 10 years old, I just think that in todays society, we need to put resrtictions on some things. I think 21 is a good age for all gun ownership. Thats not to say that I believe that a person under 21 should not be able to use guns under the supervision of a parent or a responsible observer but as far as being able to go out and purchase one yeah I think 21 is a solid place to be. I also happen to believe that people should not be able to serve in the military until they turn 21. That leaves more time for education and maturity. Kids just dont mature as fast as they did when we were growing up. I had my first job at age 10 delivering newspapers and by the time I was 16 I was an assistant manager of a Checkers and working 40 hours a week plus going to school.

    • You are smart enough and nobody else was are nobody else is that's ridiculous I just think we need to raise the voting age to 21 because hopefully some of these snowflakes and why is it up to the fact that they're being used

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