Do you believe that semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 should be banned in this country? (You must login by clicking link below)

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  • You start with the AR15 then next it will be shotguns then it will be somethin else. These stupid gun grabing people should have there free speach taken away an d see how they like that bet they would scream there heads off. We do not give up any of our guns. We have the 2Admendment to live by just like they do. If they do not want guns then do not buy them. But it is my right to own them and i shall and do not try to take them away.   

  • The shooting at the south Florida school was an obvious deep state planned out false flag, with the local sheriff's department being part of it, along with the corrupt FBI and the school administration. The targeted and accused kid was their patsy fall guy. The deep state used their far left fake news media to push gun control, targeting our AR-15's and to get the peoples attention off of the ongoing investigation of the corrupt deep state FBI that would've also exposed the corruption involving the Clintons, Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch and many members of Congress, especially the Socialist DemocRat party and the devout anti-American and Nazi, George Soros.The far left anti-American liberal media hasn't went into details about the accused shooter and what should've been done to prevent the shooting, but they've went to the extent of using crisis actors and uninformed and well indoctrinated high schoolers to push the deep state's agenda to push gun control in their quest to disarm the American people for a more sinister agenda called the NWO and the UN Agenda 2030. The push for the USA to be a member of the NWO has been in the making since the globalist elites appeaser and traitor Bush #1 occupied our white house, and every president since, has continued the same path to the NWO, with the exception of president Trump, that's why the far left liberals, deep state politicians and government agencies, along with the far left deep state anti-American fake news media have went overboard with their anti-Trump attacks and lies, and we can't leave out the far left social media, Google-YouTube, Twitter, and Facistbook unconstitutionally censoring the American citizens free speech, while letting pedophiles, Islamic terrorists and the far left liberals make threats and say anything they desired without being censored, disciplined, or having their accounts deleted. Our courts have been stacked with anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Gun, and anti-Constitutive judges, various state and federal law enforcement agencies have been stacked with people who shared the same far left ideologies. Every level of our education system has been stacked with the far left cronies that shared the same ideologies, along with pushing common core, dumbing down the school children, anti-Gun, fabricated history, racial divide, hatred for our military veterans, law enforcement and President Trump, hatred for our American Flag and National Anthem, and unconstitutionally shoving the evil ideology of Islam down our school children's throats. And we can't leave out the fact that, by state and federal government laws, that our children can't be punished, spanked, or grounded for being unruly. Then we have these illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists committing murders and mass murders with a gun, Las Vegas, Orlando, Southern California work place, shopping mall in Washington state, Fort Hood, Christian church in Texas, NYC police officer, Sacramento, Minnesota, Sandy Hook-the school that had already been condemned before the supposed shooting happened and was out of operation, Boston Marathon bombing, and the deep state FBI was aware of the potential threat from these illegal aliens and terrorists and refused to do anything about it, and then we have these 22 FBI confirmed Islamic terrorist training camps throughout the USA that are heavily armed, including with full auto military weapons and no telling what else, but had this been an American Christians camp with men, women, and children with firearms, for example, the Branch Davidian in Waco,Texas, the FBI and ATF would utterly annihilate the camp and the people within. So we should be asking ourselves and our representatives, why are the very people who hate and want to kill all Americans that are within these Islamic terrorist training camps being allowed to exist? Why are these illegal aliens being allowed to break our laws and roam freely in our country? Our enemies, including a tyrannical deep state government know they can't take control of the USA without first, disarming the American citizens, and or quietly over loading our nation with illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists, while restricting the types of guns the American citizens can have. There's not a doubt in my mind that most of these shootings are manufactured by the deep state government for pushing gun control and eventually to try to totally disarm the American citizens. Until the traitors and deep state operatives within our Congress, the federal agencies, and our federal courts are purged, these shootings will continue. May God Bless America! 

  • People are the problem it's not guns. You won't take care of the bullies in schools and you ask why kids are killing kids, really.  Kids report bullies and nothing happens cause it's the rich and popular kids that are doing the mental bullying and everyone sticks up for upper class kids and puts the blame on the ones being bullied. I've seen it back in the 60s and it's still the same today. I see my grandson bullied and the shitty principal and shitty teachers won't do anything but say he must be the problem cause those kids never get into trouble, why because they're black or rich. The school system is and has always been the problem for not being nuteral and won't listen to everyone or pay attention and watch everyone instead of just watching the outcast because he or she isn't rich or as good looking.  You want to solve the problem start with schools 

  • I'm so sick of the gun debate in America right now and it shouldn't even be an issue. GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Get over it. But if it isn't a gun, it will be a knife, bomb, car, bat, brick, or whatever! Drunk drivers are the biggest cause of so much death in this country but we don't take away the cars for some reason?

    And these little high schoolers need to stop bitching at the government saying how bad guns are, and start working on the problem since they are the cause of the killings!!

    Instead of picking on, bullying, name calling, and making fun of the outcast, loner type kids, maybe they need to start befriending them and include them in there precious little 'circles' and make them feel good about themselves by having fun with friends, and then all this killing would probably stop?

  • It will not stop anything if they want them they can get them. Criminals do not care about the law.

  • After years of working in the State Prison system, I know for a fact that criminals don't care about bans or laws.

  • Are they banning abortion?  That’s murder!  This Country is getting so screwed up!!

  • If everyone had a sidearm no one would dare harm anyone for no reason. That would prove nothing but suicide. 

  • The problem going back to the 1960s, is with people taking psychotropic drugs. Perhaps they should ban those taking these medications from possessing firearms, the world would be a much safer place.

  • No ban. If the government takes AR15 then they will decide that semi automatic guns need to be banned. Then shotguns shot at a person will spray instead of being one hole so ban them!! Before you know it our second amendment will be gone.

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