Do you think that President Trump should enact Marshall Law in California and order the immediate arrest and charges filed against the officials who put sanctuary policies in place?

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  • And the 1960s with the Civil Rights Movement they sent the military into Alabama to enforcethe laws reference to segregation and to remove them what makes California any better than Alabama they need to send the military in their state to enforce the laws , the state does not or will not enforce

  • Marshall law is a dangerous path to take. I am for less government, so this is not the route I would go. I do believe, however, that the federal government should have the right to withold any aid it is distributing if the state does not meet its stipulations. 

    We can only hope the people of California stand up for themselves and vote out the idiots that are turning this state into a haven for undocumented immigrants. 

    • If it was okay in  1960 in  the South it's definitely okay and then 2018 for California you don't comply with the law even told continuously for how many years then it's time for martial law. I'm sorry yes martial law I'm not really for it martial law either but once in awhile I guess there is a point where we have no choice and we're at that point that Governor that idiot that Moonbeam nut job is killing people in California  And it needs to stop. The Nazis Democratic Party is destroying America state-by-state and it needs to be stopped now

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