Do you think that the Liberal Hollywood Elite have a right to preach to the average citizen from a place of moral high ground? Yes / No / Maybe

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  • Yes they have the right of Free speach.But doesn't mean I have to agree with them.

  • Hell no. In most cases they are morally and ethically depleted and have absolutely no place to tell anyone what they should do. Look at Gun Control. They stood at thier bully pulpit during the Oscars and preached about how the U.S. needs to eliminate "Assault" weapons and in some cases ban firearms completely while enjoying the largest presence of armed security and police officers in the history of the Oscars. They live in gated communities with 25 foot high walls with armed security or private police forces and then have the nerve to tell us that we should welcome illegal immigrants and ban all guns. When I see them all moving to Queens Blvd. in New York city and without armed security guards, then maybe Ill hear what they have to say.

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