Should Hillary Clinton spend the rest of her life in prison?

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  •  Lock her up and the whole Obama administration including Biden! You know he knew and was in on everything and if he wasn't in on it then he knew and said and did nothing to stop the crimes! Makes him just as guilty but no one ever mentions him if you have noticed! Why he where they are trying to keep him clean for candidacy!

  • and if not she should be put in front of a firing squad fir her treasonous acts against America

  • Must be hung or Firing squad

  • I want to see Hillary, Obama, Soros, Dr./Senator Pan, Dr. Offit, The Podesta's and all the rest of the corrupt people in our government past and present arrested and put in jail for the rest of their disgusting lives

  •  I can't wait to see her in handcuffs and leg shackles!

  • she should absolutely yes

  • I believe that Hillary and the rest of her cronies should spend the rest of their days in a cell but the truh of the matter is that the corruption goes so deep, almost to a cellular level that inevitably someone will throw off the process and nothing will ever come of it. We need to clean house at every level in this government from the DOJ to the DOD and everything between.


  • I feel very strongly that Hillary, Obama and the rest of the swamp should answer to all that they have done to the American people and to America! Are jails are full with men and women who have done far less then they  have done and they are paying for their crimes. I think all The  shootings, the investigations into Trump and anything else the is a distraction to keep the focus off of the Democ-rats and what they have done to sell America down the river.. Time to put the focus back onto the democ-rats (they are swamp rats) and put them in jail before anymore damage is done or anymore killings.  I feel the democ-rats Hillary- Obama are behind all the shootings and everything else that has and will happen.. America Lets keep the Focus where it belongsOn the Swamp!

  • They would put me under the jail

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