Should illegal immigrants be allowed any right to bail or free representation under the laws of the United States?

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  • No, report them!

  •  The Constitution was written for United States citizens. Illegal in this question means non-citizen with no temporary sanction to be in this country under any provision therefore; it is clear they cannot be protected by that which is for citizens. Why Judges, politicians and others defy that is beyond me. Oh wait, no it is not...

  • If an illegal alien is put in jail for a crime they should be immediately turned over to ice and deported if they return they need to be put in prison tell they're so old that was we send them back to their country they can't walk across the dam border

  • I agree with Spencer. I think that if you are not a citizen then you should not be afforded the same rights and priveledges as a citizen. That is not to say that we dont need some sort of policies that determine the ability of a non citizen to hire coucil or to ask for release but they should not be at the taxpayers expense and if they are released it should only be for deportation.

    • There's a difference between illegal aliens and non-citizens non-citizens usually means that you came here legally illegal aliens me and you did not and you violated law when you came here but I do agree with you on the fact that they should be released only if they're being deported

  • If your not a US citizen then your not protected under our laws. Plain and Simple

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