Evidence that illegals are voting?

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  • Voter fraud has been going on for years and I am happy to have daylight shining down on this deceitful practice and American Citizens in armed with this knowledge can be on guard.


  • California is one of the worst.

  • They dont need any evidence, there were several illegal aliens that were caught ini PA that admitte that they were voting for more than 10 years.


  • With the 2018 elections getting closer we should try to eliminate votes by ineligible voters. Illegals in number could sway an election. Itis important they not be able to vote. Illegals voting not only skews result but it feels realize someone could be elected not by citizens of our country but of Mexico!


  • We need a national voter ID program to make sure only legal citizens vote. It makes me angry to think my vote is diminished because non citizens are voting. These IDs need to have pictures and our social as illegals do not have socials.

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